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Fresh Healthy Salads

Fresh Organic Smoothies

Tasty Sides and Starters

Market fresh organic garden greens,  vegetables, seeds, nuts and more cleverly arranged and served with delicious dressings and interesting toppings

From our Zucchini Zen Sticks to our popular Red Rock Nachos or Happy Hummus Plate to Tofu Timbers and more, Violettes Vegan starters are tasty and substantial. Our great sides include mashed potatoes and gravy, corn bread, skin on fries, Mac n' Cheese, veggie sauté and much more!

Food that loves you!

Using only the freshest, organic ingredients Violettes Vegan is a local favorite!

Violettes Vegan Organic Eatery & Juice Bar
Salads at Violettes Vegan
Smoothies at Violettes Vegan
Nachos at Violettes Vegan

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Cyndy grew up in the restaurant business. Her father owned a very successful Italian restaurant.A top and well known poker champion, Cyndy received many acclamations in the world of professional poker by being one of the first highly successful female players. ln 2004 she won a “World Series of Poker“ bracelet. A well-seasoned, gutsy pro, Cyndy was inducted into the “Ladies Poker Hall of Fame” in 2009. She has been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports Net, Game Show Network, and many other national programs. As a professional poker player, she has traveled a lot and has always made it her passion to seek out vegan restaurants.

Known for her healthy diet and lifestyle, many other famous poker players sought out Cyndy's personal chefs for their meals. For many years she has been diligently developing the plan, features, menu, etc. These experiences will help her create one of the best chains of vegan restaurants. She is an avid seeker of knowledge from physical health to self awareness studies. Cyndy has been a devoted vegan for over 20 years. It's through her love for vegan cuisine that the concept of "Violette’s Vegan" was born.

Cyndy Violette owner of Violettes Vegan

Cyndy Violette – CEO and President

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Our healthy organic vegetable and green drinks juiced fresh on demand.  Violettes Vegan smoothies with fresh organic fruit,  nut or seed milk, agave nectar and  a number of super-food add on options. Tasty shakes with vegan soy or almond ice cream.


Open Daily:

Mon - Thurs 7am - 9pm  

Fri - Sun 7am - 10p

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Singer song writer Sarah Shelton

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Breakfast & FREE coffee at 7am everyday with USB charging at every table!